• $159.99 HOW TO ORDER
  • Includes an 18V power supply (wallwart)
  • Same Quality, Tone and Dynamics as it’s big brother in a simplified compact setup.
  • The moment you plug in you will know… This pedal sounds like no other pedal you ever played.
  • Studio quality components for a smooth wide band OD that sounds more like a tube amp rather then a pedal.
  • Maintains your guitar tone and dynamics like nothing else out there.
  • Hand made in the USA
  • True-Bypass
  • All the best component, Hammond Aluminum enclosure, Switchcraft jacks, true large format tone capacitors, Aluminum shaft ALPHA potentiometers, heavy copper trace PCB
  • Graphic overlay is protected by an 8mil UV outdoor rated layer.
  • 1 year warranty
  • More info on TGP forum
  • See more information at the bottom of this page

  • More info:
    If you take the big D and set it the following way:
    -Setup = PAF
    – PAB = ON (bypasses the EQ)
    – Channel select = Drive
    – Voice = D
    you end up with a MINI-D (identical)

    The MINI D lacks the following:
    – No EQ
    – No input Setup
    – No PAB (PAB is on all the time)
    – No Voice options
    – While the MINI-D can get close to the Clean channel of the big D it’s not exactly the same.
    the big D Clean channel has a dedicated circuit that is optimized for Cleans.