Model: A


  • $199.99 HOW TO ORDER
  • Includes an 18V power supply (wallwart)
  • Versatile overdrive with lots of gain that can be molded to fit any guitar and any amp.
  • The moment you plug in you will know… This pedal sounds like no other pedal you ever played.
  • Studio quality components for a smooth wide band OD that sounds more like a tube amp rather then a pedal.
  • Maintains your guitar tone and dynamics like nothing else out there.
  • Hand made in the USA
  • True-Bypass
  • All the best component, Hammond Aluminum enclosure, Switchcraft jacks, true large format tone capacitors, Aluminum shaft ALPHA potentiometers, heavy copper trace PCB
  • Graphic overlay is protected by an 8mil UV outdoor rated layer.
  • 1 year warranty
  • More info on TGP forum
  • See more information at the bottom of this page

  • More info:
  • Model A is more of a chameleon, it’s capable of many different tones.
  • It’s voiced differently then the D pedals but it can do D style tones too.
  • It has more “dirt” in it, not as “hifi” as the D pedals.
  • The main goal was to build a pedal that will work great in many different
    situations with all kind of guitars and all kind of amps.
  • We also wanted to make sure the Strat player with the weakest pickups
    will have as much gain as he wants.
    About 10% of customers who purchased the D pedals reported they need more gain, most of them were Strat players
  • So all you Strat players that wished to have more gain on the D give model: A a try!
  • And all of you who wanted to play power cords on the D pedals
    and wished there was a way to control the loose low end give model: A a try!
    With the LOWS control you can now tighten things up.
    You can turn it almost into a hi boost pedal if you wish.
  • Here is what you should know about model A.
  • LOWS control is pre distortion, it will also effect the character of the pedal.
  • We did not call them BASS and TREBLE on purpose, think of them as CONTOURS.
    It’s normal to have them full up, full down or anything else in between.
  • About the CHANNEL switch next to the power jack:
  • It gives you more pre-gain, useful for Strat players to reach full saturation
    At high settings it’s pretty useless for humbuckers with possible nasty feedback but if you use it with humbuckers and lower the GAIN (let’s say to noon) , it’s a nice alternative, it will sound less warm and more aggressive then the low channel.